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Our recent attendance at the FinOps X conference in San Diego provided a valuable and enlightening experience. Immersed in the dynamic world of FinOps, the event featured engaging conversations with thought leaders, insightful talks and abundant networking opportunities. It proved to be an enriching experience that not only broadened our perspectives but also presented us with new avenues for growth and exploration.

As an Engineering Leader in today's tech-driven environment, mastering the dynamics of AI is no longer an option but a necessity. Understanding AI in all its facets - the underlying technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, their practical applications, and their broader implications - is your first essential step. Being aware of the ethical aspects and regulatory landscape around AI is equally important.


In today's post, I will introduce bluectl, the official command line interface (CLI) for Alphaus services. To those who prefer CLIs (that includes me), we provide bluectl for interacting with our services. It uses the same API that powers our Ripple/Wave[Pro]/Aqua UI consoles.

Blue API

In today's post, I will talk a little bit about Blue API, our public-facing, as well as internal APIs. Blue API allows you to programmatically access our services such as Ripple and WavePro. It uses protocol buffers for its service and message definitions, and gRPC for implementation and server/client stub generation. It also uses grpc-gateway for proxying JSON/REST requests to gRPC, and generating OpenAPI documentation. This way, you have the option to use our APIs using either gRPC or JSON/REST, or both.

Product introduction

At Alphaus, we have developed two products, Ripple and WavePro, both aimed at assisting users in managing their cloud costs effectively. These products focus on providing the necessary tools and insights to help users monitor and control their cloud expenses efficiently.


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