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Blue API allows you to programmatically access our services such as Ripple and Wave(Pro). It uses protocol buffers for service and message definitions, and gRPC for implementation and server/client stub generation. It also uses grpc-gateway for proxying JSON/REST requests to gRPC, and generating OpenAPI documentation. This way, you have the option to use our APIs using either gRPC or JSON/REST, or both.

At the moment, Blue API is still a work in progress. Most of the APIs currently supported in Ripple and Wave(Pro) are still not available. In the meantime, you can still use our JSON/REST APIs here. We plan to upgrade as many of our JSON/REST APIs as possible over to gRPC as it is significantly more efficient in terms of throughput and CPU usage compared to JSON/REST API. However, we don't intend to deprecate our JSON/REST APIs once the transition is completed. You should be able to use both.