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Concepts and terms


TrueUnblended is the term we use at Alphaus to refer to some of the corrective recalculations we do specific to AWS billing data in relation to how RI/SP discounts are applied. You can check here to understand more what it is about.

Billing group

Billing group is one of the main grouping mechanisms available in Ripple. With billing groups, you can group cloud accounts; linked/member accounts in AWS, subscription IDs in Azure, and project IDs in GCP. You can also create tag-based billing groups. As a cloud reseller, you calculate invoices at the billing group level. Your clients' WavePro access is also rooted at the billing group level, although WavePro also supports access at the access group level. Most Ripple features center around the billing group.

Access group

Access group is a collection of billing groups.