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The IAM API group provides the API for managing IAM-related resources and components in Blue. Check out this page to have an overview of how IAM works in Blue.

Group Root Users [WIP]

You can create a root user account for a given billing group or access group with a given set of Wave or Aqua features. Currently, endpoints for creating, retrieving and deleting a group root user are supported as well as retrieving all the group root users associated with the organization. In addition, all the feature flags for a given group root user can be retrieved and updated.

Feature Flags

In order to enable or disable a feature in Aqua or Wave for a given user, the appropriate feature flag should be either enabled or disabled respectively. The following is a list of such feature flags and which feature they control:

Feature Flag Feature Name Action Product
dashboard_graph Dashboard View Graph Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account Usage Reports Accounts - Access Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_graph Usage Reports Accounts - View Graph Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_account_edit Usage Reports Accounts - Edit Info Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_budget Usage Reports Accounts - View Budget Settings Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_budget_edit Usage Reports Accounts - Edit Budget Settings Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_fees_fee Usage Reports Accounts - View Fees Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_fees_credit Usage Reports Accounts - View Credits Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_fees_refund Usage Reports Accounts - View Refunds Wave / Wave Pro
usage_account_menu_fees_other_fees Usage Reports Accounts - View Other Fees Wave / Wave Pro
usage_report_download Usage Reports Accounts - Download Reports CSV Wave / Wave Pro
usage_group Usage Reports Groups - Access Wave / Wave Pro
usage_group_graph Usage Reports Groups - View Graph Wave / Wave Pro
usage_tag Usage Reports Tags - Access Wave / Wave Pro
usage_tag_graph Usage Reports Tags - View Graph Wave / Wave Pro
usage_crosstag Usage Reports Crosstag - Access Wave / Wave Pro
usage_crosstag_graph Usage Reports Crosstag - View Graph Wave / Wave Pro
ri_purchased Reserved Instances View Purchased RI Wave
ri_utilization Reserved Instances View RI Utilization Wave
ri_recommendation Recommendations Access Wave
sp_purchased Savings Plans Access Wave
invoice Others Invoice - Display Link Wave / Wave Pro
invoice_download_csv_discount Others Invoice - Download Discounted CSV Wave / Wave Pro
invoice_download_csv_merged Others Invoice - Download Merged CSV Wave / Wave Pro
open_api Others API Access Tokens Wave / Wave Pro
users_management Others Sub-user Management Wave / Wave Pro
aq_dashboard Dashboard Access Aqua
aq_coverage_ratio Coverage Ratio Access Aqua
aq_ri_management Reserved Instances Access Aqua
aq_sp_management Savings Plans Access Aqua
aq_ri_sp_instances RI & SP Recommendations Access Aqua
aq_right_sizing Instance Right-Sizing Access Aqua
aq_scheduling Scheduling Access Aqua
report_filters Report Filters Access Wave Pro
aqua_link Aqua Access Wave Pro

When setting a feature flag, a value of true will enable the feature and a value of false will disable the feature.